Education & Community

eduationChildren learn through play all the time; as grown-ups we forget. ProActors tap into play to create learning through drama, whether participants are the performers or in the audience.

Focusing on drama, storytelling, dance, music, visual arts, film-making and creative arts, ProActors work in all areas of the community and offer a range of performances and workshops to schools (across the age bands) and community organisations.

We can produce a full scale original production to be performed to communities, or help communities to perform themselves, whether adult groups or young people. We also do extensive work with young people and adults who are differently abled or have special educational needs.

communityWe can provide workshops in all of the above mentioned disciplines and, as always with ProActors work, provide an immersive learning experience.

Work in schools and communities could be issue based, such as bullying, healthy eating, drugs awareness; or school/college/university curriculum based such as a living History project or a text based Shakespeare programme. We have also used drama and performance for community cohesion work, with our intergenerational ‘Crossing the Bridge’ project for Birmingham City Council being nominated for the prestigious ABC Awards.

We also provide staff training and inset for teachers and organisers to help them develop experiential skills in the class-room, group session.